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Landini Advantage 75F 2WD Specs

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Landini Advantage 75F 2WD General Information

Brand Landini 
Model Landini Advantage 75F 2WD 
Tractor Series    Advantage Series 
Start year 1995 
End year 2000 
Category / Type Orchard/Vineyard tractor 
Manufacturer Argo 
Serial Number Location
Number of total built
Original Price (in USD)

Landini Advantage 75F 2WD Chassis, dimensions, weight and tires

Cabin Type Two-post mid-mount foldable ROPS. Cab optional. 
Wheelbase 81.5 in 
Length 135.8 in 
Width 52.4 in 
Height 89.8 (Cabin) in 
Fuel Capacity 14 
Weight 5291 (ROPS) lbs 
Shipping weight - lbs 
Ballasted weight - lbs 
Operating Weight - lbs 
Front Tyres - Rims dimensions 7.5L-15 
Rear Tyres - Rims dimensions 14.9-24 
Steering type power 
Brakes type hydraulic wet disc 
Agricultural Tires (R1) 7.5L-15 
Agricultural Tires (R1) 14.9-24 
Turf Tires (R3)
Turf Tires (R3)
Industrial Tires (R4)
Industrial Tires (R4)

Landini Advantage 75F 2WD Electrical System

Charging System Lucas A115 
Charging Voltage - volts 
Ground negative 
Charging Amperage 45 A 
Number of batteries
Battery - voltage 12 volts 
Battery - Amp / Hour - Ah 
Battery - Cold Cranking Amperage - A 
Battery - Group
Engine Starter - voltage 12 v 

Landini Advantage 75F 2WD Engine and Transmission Technical Data

Number of cylinders 4-cylinder 
Fuel Type diesel 
Engine Code Perkins 4.236 
Engine size - Displacement - Engine capacity 236 ci 
Bore x Stroke 3.875x5.00 
Compression Ratio 16:1 
Maximum power - Output - Horsepower 74 hp @ 2200 rpm 
Engine Cooling Type liquid-cooled 
Engine Air Filter / Cleaner dry 
Transmission Type mechanical shuttle - 
Transmission / Gearbox gears 12 forward and reverse 
Transmission Clutch 279.4mm mechanial dry disc 
Drive wheels - Traction - Drivetrain 4x2 2WD 

Landini Advantage 75F 2WD PTO - Power Take-Off

Rear PTO Type independent 
Rear PTO Power (Tested) - hp ( - hp) 
Rear PTO RPM 540/750 (1.375) 

Landini Advantage 75F 2WD Drawbar

Drawbar Power (Tested) - hp ( - hp) 

Landini Advantage 75F 2WD Hydraulics

Nº of valves
Pump flow 11.2 gpm 
Steering flow - gpm